All of my services are low cost, not because they aren't valuable, but because I want to ensure that they are easily accessible to all mothers. I also will happily barter as well as offer my services at a discounted rate to single mothers or low income families. Contact me to discuss your special circumstances today! 

I offer a full line of professional placental services including encapsulation, full color artistic prints and tinctures. My all inclusive placentophagy  package costs only $150. I also offer organic homemade meal services and AromaTouch Technique essential oil application. Contact me to book yours today!



Mother Bexar

Serving the Mothers of Weber, Davis and Salt Lake Counties... and shipping from my store world wide!

Welcome Empowering Fearless Birth Film and Expo guests! If you met me at the event you should have a special voucher to redeem toward discounted services. Please contact me to reserve your special space. <3